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18. März 2021 Ausrüstung, Brompton

Photoshoot with 2 „Liquorice Brompton“


Aren’t we all a little bit in love with our little folding bikes? Some collect them, some use them to go to work, others make small or big trips with them and others dare to go on big trips with you: the Brompton folding bikes.

I have forgotten one group. Those who incessantly take photos of their Bromptons. I am one of them.
And YES, we also like to show ourselves with them: Selfie with a Brompton.

Why there has so much hype arisen around them, I don’t understand, but I also belong to those who are crazy about their Brompton.
And because I’m a photographer, the 2nd passion in my life, I asked a friend if we should not make a photo shoot with a Brompton. Curious: she does not even ride any bicycle.
Quickly I realized that it is not the best idea, to do a photoshoot with somebody being not familiar with bicycles. Even how to touch such a bike was difficult for her. Crazy.


As a real bike junky I just had not thought about it, that there could be people who do not like or do not ride a bicycle.
Can you imagine?
After all, after the shooting she has seriously considered buying a Brompton.

The Photoshoot

We have met at the government district and so tried out a few things.
The 2 Brompton has lent me Daniel from Kultrad in Berlin.
We transported both in the original box with a Cargo Bike to the Spree.
If I wouldn’t have already a Brompton, I would have kept one of them. The two were black and white and somehow really graceful in appearance. And they reminded me of liquorice, my 3rd passion in life 🙂

I felt in love with them.
Actually only the diamonds were missing, don’t you think so 🙂

Remember this song? A little adapted 🙂

Men grow old
As girls grow old
And we all lose our charms in the end
But the Bromptons thy don’t loose their shape
Bromptons are a girl’s best friend

Just in case you are curious now, which Brompton I might be riding…. not a diamond, but my „beloved“ Brompton the Blue one: Turkish Green with Lagoon Blue!

I remember when Klaus bought his Brompton.
He thought it was chic. I didn’t see the use of it, not yet.
Then, a year later, the time had come. We had plans to travel with the Bromptons. To escape the winter months in Berlin. And that’s what we did.
4 months in Cambodia were followed by 4 months in Sumatra and then 4 months in Cairo, Sinai and Israel.
But you can read about that in other articles in this blog.
By the way, my recommendation: 2 coloured bromptons are real eye-catchers and are so much more fun.

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