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19. Februar 2021 Ausrüstung, Brompton

Brompton Electric – tested in front of our door

Brompton Electric

We tested the Brompton Electric in and around Berlin.
Now you might expect a detailed test report. Something with asterisks and checkmarks, comparisons regarding ride comfort, battery charging capacity, max. payload, max. speed and so on. We didn’t test like that. We were more interested in how it feels to be on the road with an electric folding bike. And this is what came out!

Yes, the Brompton Electric is heavier. The motor and the battery weigh a few kilos.
But if you take off the battery, you can still lift and carry the Brompton Electric quite well. Around 14 kg, depending on the gear version.
We rode a bike with high handlebars and 6 gears and one with medium handlebars and 2 gears.
Day 1: We conquer the city.
Day 2: We head out to the countryside.

Cycling in the City

In fact, I don’t feel like I’m really faster than other cyclists. Even if the Brompton incredibly darts off, at the next traffic light, however, other cyclists have caught up with me again. Also climbing our hills here in Berlin, of course I’m faster in the beginning, but soon others caught up again. At 25 km/h the engine locks. More is not allowed. Then you have to pedal yourself. By the way, the engine brakes very little, so there is almost no difference using a Brompton without electric and cycling an electric one without using the battery.
So if you want to be somehow extremely fast in the city, which I find degenerates into stress, then you should go for a 6 speed. For me the 2 gear version is quite sufficient in the city.

On the country Side

Brompton Electric

We had 100 km ahead of us.
1st question for us was, would the battery hold.
2nd question, how does the Brompton Electric do on bumpy and dirt roads.

First of all, we had so much fun.
We drove most of the time with the first level of support, only on hills or headwinds, tim to switch to the second or even third level.
On dirt roads, you no longer have that steady pedaling that the sensors need to determine how much assist is needed. So we set the support there to 0.
But as I said, the bike rides great without assistance.
So we actually managed to ride about 80km with assistance, 20km without.
And in the evening, back home, we could have gone for another 100km 🙂
This is one of the difference to a Brompton without support, there I would have been in the evening certainly not still so relaxed.

Super was also the idea that we could at any time jump into a train or a bus, if it would then but annoying and perhaps too far for such a leisurely Sunday trip.
Simply fold again, which by the way works just like a Brompton without a motor, and get on. Nice idea.

Back in the city with full support

I wanted to test again driven exclusively with level 3. Full support. But then, after 35km my supported trip ended, the battery is empty.
Cycling with this 3 level support is of course also nonsensical. You have to brake constantly, because of far too much support and thus wastes the energy. But that also means that even with the 3rd stage you can probably get to at least 40km on straight stretches. But, we did not try.


A Brompton Electric is huge fun.
For us, however, it will probably take a few more years. The Accu (extra weight and caring for charging) means an abandonment of lightness compared to a Brompton without Electric.

Charging stations

If you feel like doing longer trips and you do not want to give up the Accu support, there are several stations to recharge and maybe it is a good time for a break anyway. We use this

If you feel like you want to try one by yourself, I recommend

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