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14. Mai 2021 Ausrüstung, Brompton

Do Germans love their bicycle?

Unfortunately, we are still rather stuck with the saying: Germans love their cars!
They clean, polish and spend huge amounts of money and time on inspections and maintenance. This changes, but still, when the automotive industry says: now it is time to spend money on an inspection, they will. Being afraid about the loss of value.

Do we need to check a bicycle?

Of course! Here is no bicycle that doesn’t need regular checks and renewals as well.
Wear and tear depends primarily on the conditions of use.
Fixed maintenance intervals, e.g. once a year, make sense if you tend to ride less. Flexible maintenance intervals are due if you drive more than average and if the conditions of use are extreme.
Does this sound familiar?
If you are one of those who are still struggling with your car, then it will.
I’m often asked how often you should do maintenance on a bicycle. And there you have the answer: more often than most people think.
At least once a year.

What you can do for your bicycle

Basic cleaning
Visual inspection
Bowden cables
Bottom bracket
Chain check

Of course, you can do all this by yourself, especially the „Basic cleaning“ but for the technical check at least, once a year, you should prefer a specialist. He can make a checkup and let you know what he would suggest to be done.

How you can expect more riding pleasure!

When the gears work smoothly again, the chain no longer rattles, nothing squeaks or cracks and the seatpost no longer slips down when riding. Which, by the way, looks pretty silly.
More safety when the brakes do their job, the tyres still have tread, the lights don’t go out every time you hit a cobblestone road.
New grips are due from time to time. Yes, this is also a wearing part in most cases.

Dear German Brompton riders, love your Brompton at least as much as your car, wash it, take care of it and bring it to inspections. You will get so much more pleasure out of it.
The Germans love their car! In the future it would be nice to say about us: Germans love their bicycles!

Of course, it is still a used bicycle, not a brand new one. But I also love it for all its little flaws and quirks.

Last but not least!

Please, check the tyre pressure regularly.
On a Brompton it is so much more fun, so much easier to cycle when you have the right air pressure in the tyres.
Mostly, it rolls best at 6.5 or 7 bar. But ask your Brompton Dealer, it depends on the kind of tyre.

We did a day city tour through Dresden and I was glad to have looked through my Brompton completely before.
No rattling, no shaking, the brakes perfect, the gears very smooth.
What a nice day Ride: City Tour Dresden!

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