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29. Januar 2021 Brompton, Geld verdienen

Digital Nomads or how can I earn money on a trip

First of all: as a Digital Nomad, you don’t earn money with a blog.

Digital Nomads

We are on our 3rd and for now last 4 months winter trip with the Bromptons: on the way from Cairo to Sinai.
We have already reported about Cairo as well as Israel and Tel Aviv. But I did not go into more details about Klaus, who continues to work during these 4 months. I would like to make up for that now here again.

Digital Nomads

If one sees the quantity of people in the net, which work from anywhere in the world, then one believes that this is completely simple.
Of course it is not for us. The difference to most of the travelers is that they stay in fixed places for a long time. So actually they’ve just moved their office to another location. We travel on, from station to station. Then stay again a few days and then it goes on again.
Klaus is a programmer and as long as he has his computer and internet access he is able to work.

This is not possible 5 days a week, but as a self-employed person he has the possibility to reduce his working days.
We stay overnight in very cheap, simple accommodations. We eat mostly at stalls on the street and also we avoid spending much money. Sightseeing, museums, guided tours, these would all be extra costs that we do not want to afford.
I am a city guide, of course by bicycle 🙂 , in Berlin and photographer.
For me, there is hardly anything to do in Berlin in the winter time. My main working time is between April and October.

So we have decided to explore the world during the winter.

Digital Nomads

Usually we have only a small idea of the route.
We know we have 4 months, but we also know that it wouldn’t be bad if we don’t reach the planned end point.
We have every time the possibility to get on a bus in between and not to do certain stages by bike.
Planned is always only the outward flight. Even the return flight we leave open.
We wanted to visit friends on the Sinai, which we met 11 years ago on our bicycle (world) trip.
So we started in Cairo and were surprised. The 8 lane highway had an extra bike lane. I am going crazy. What a luxury.

Digital Nomads

We have to cross the Suez Canal and of course we can’t do that by bike. A group of soldiers is interested in us and organizes a driver who will take us through. That doesn’t work at first, because they have some equipment that is not allowed. Then the 2nd driver…. no matter, sometime we are there.
But anyway, having this small foldable bicycles helped a lot.

„Make plans and it comes differently!“

That’s what we’ve learned on all our trips.

Back to Klaus and his work.

We always discuss for the coming week on which days he has to work. Then we have to make sure he has internet access. Everything else is put around that.
Sounds simple? It is, once you get used to it and Digital nomads need a fair amount of self-discipline.

So what can actually stop us from traveling this way?

We thought about a lot of things, but nothing like this came into our mind.
Not the mosquitoes, not the heat, not the dust or the rain, not the dirt, not the effort, nothing could stop us.

Digital Nomads

The winter 2020/2021 is different now and we stayed in Berlin. And honestly… I am not happy about it.
Not the warm and clean bed, the shower, the clean running water from the pipes, nothing can make up for the experiences on such trips.

And besides, working at home is definitely not more fun.
If you want to know more about Digital Nomads you can read on WorknSurf a lot about it.

Even if it is in german, you can get a lot more pictures and informations about us traveling with the Bromptons in the „Brompton Fernweh Magazin“.

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